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Tribal Series - Mauve Soldier

$35.00 / Sold Out

These are my favorite Kens at the moment. A labor of love and something I'm very proud to release!

(MKiv - Apex Shape)

The Apex series came about after researching how to design a better shaped kendama. I came to the realization that if I combined different weights of wood, I could achieve a much better balance and take my tricks to the next level. Not just balancing the Tama to the Ken, but balancing the Sarado to the Ken as well. That is true balance and something I wanted to figure out and share with the world.

This is the pinnacle of design when it comes to Kendamas. Balanced from the ground up, to provide an edge when doing balance tricks such as lunars and stilts.
Rounded cup edges and my basecup redux are some extra design features that make these stand apart, helping land birds and gunslingers!

Tama - Ash/Maple/Purpleheart
Ken - Ash / Purpleheart
Sarado - Maple / Purpleheart

What you get:

Champion Select string
Suspension bead