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Apex Series (2ndGen) - JETT Mod

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Exclusive shape, only at Yancy Customs

The 2ndGen Apex series came about after research and trial/error for how to design a better shaped kendama; Something I wanted to figure out and share with the world. From the first Apex series, I gathered as much feedback from the team and the kendama community to bring you this revision on the design. Careful planning went into honing the shape to be as well balanced for all tricks without making things "too easy". This is definitely The shape for the foreseeable future and I'm very proud of how they turned out!

This is the pinnacle of balance when it comes to Kendamas. Balanced from the ground up, these feature larger cups to provide an edge when doing balance tricks such as lunars and stilts, and a tighter Sarado to allow a better gunslinger spin. And, the Basecup redux ensures a quicker Ken flip/gunslinger.

The Sarado piece is heavier than the ken, giving lunar placement more support when landing. Quicker juggles/flips from the heavier Sarado, and Birds/Stalls are easier with the raised edges of the cups.

Oh yeah, & Free shipping!

(Woods used for this batch are beechwood for the ken and beechwood for the tama)

What you get -

1x Custom Kendama
Champion Select Strings
1x Suspension bead