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Apex Series - Longshot

$25.00 / On Sale

Apex mkII

Maple Ken w/Beechwood Tama

- Lunar Balanced (sarado heavier than the sword)

- Basecup Redux (to center the swords balance for lunars/ken flips)

- Sticky Paint (to help land more difficult balance tricks)

- Champion Select String (endless smooth string tricks)

- Suspension Bead (greatly reduces string tangling/knotting)

(All between 0-2g weight difference)

This is my love letter to the dama community. A ton of research and fine-tuning went into the production of these. Top to bottom, complete overhaul of the shape and every aspect of a kendama's construction. From the wood, weights, string, and spinner bead.

Nothing was left out, because I wanted to make something unique and exclusive for Yancy Customs. Let my hard work be your secret weapon!

What you get

Apex mkII
Dama Bag
Suspension Bead
Champion Select String
& Stickers!