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Apex Series - Mystique


NEW SHAPE - Apex Series

Maple Ken w/Beechwood Tama

- Rounded Sarado (to assist with birds and stilts)

- Basecup Redux (to center the swords balance for lunars/ken flips)

- Wider Bevel (for easier spiking)

- Sticky Paint (to help land more difficult balance tricks)

- Champion Select String (endless smooth string tricks)

- Suspension Bead (greatly reduces string tangling/knotting)

- Lunar Balanced (sarado heavier than the sword)

(All between 0-2g weight difference)

This is my love letter to the dama community. A ton of research and fine-tuning went into the production of these. Top to bottom, complete overhaul of the shape and every aspect of a kendama's construction. From the wood, weights, string, and spinner bead.

Nothing was left out, because I wanted to make something unique and exclusive for Yancy Customs. Let my hard work be your secret weapon!

What you get

Balanced Apex Kendama
Yancy Customs Dama Bag
Suspension Bead
Champion Select String
& Stickers!